Instant Spray tanning, moisturizing and anti-aging for face and body

Sunexpress offers you an instant dark tanning that lasts till 5 days. Does not leave patches, offers a pleasant odour and a natural strong dark colour.

Active ingredients: DHA, TanUltra, Matrixyl et Aloe barbadensis.

How to use: On a dry and clean* skin, spray directly on the skin holding the spray at 30cm during some seconds . Dry it with an hairdryer. A peeling before using SUNEXPRESS will offer a better result. Avoid contact with water for next 3 hours.

* We advise to use SUNSCRUB before the application of SUNEXPRESS for a perfect result.

Available in 75 ml & 200 ml


Gel scrub for face and body with Arginine that guarantees an intense and long lasting tanning result. To use before the application of SUNEXPRESS for a perfect result.

Active ingredients: Arginine, olive fruit oil, coconut shell powder

How to use: On a wet skin, massage by circle movements before self tanning session, rinse.

Available in 200 ml


Double face gloves to make the application of SUNEXPRESS easier. Especially indicated for the body tanning

How to use: Spray directly SUNEXPRESS on your SUNGLOVE. Apply the glove on the body parts that need to be tanned. To be washed with water. Let it dry and your SUNGLOVE is ready to be used again.